Are You an Egghead?

Talents who work with us are called Eggheads. Eggheads are naturally attracted by our strong personality and recruited from the most talented and creative minds in the games industry.

Do you have what it takes to be an Egghead?

Are you a programmer, an artist or animator? Or a designer?
Or even better, are you multi-skilled?

Get in touch and tell us why we should hire you!

If you have experience in the industry, that’s great: tell us what games you have worked on and what you did for them.
If not, that’s fine, just make sure you can show us what you can do.

For programmers, that probably means a demo of some sort.
For an artist or animator, a portfolio showing what you are capable of is a must.
And it’d be great to learn what you are really interested in, what gets you excited and out of bed in the morning!

If you have not worked in the industry before and you don’t send us any kind of portfolio or a demo of something you have worked on, then we’re afraid we cannot consider you.

You will also need to be able to relocate to work from our studio in Varese, Italy.

What we hope to see in applicants

    • You’re really great at what you do. We love being impressed!
    • You want responsibility and ownership.
    • You view game making as a creative process, not an assembly line.
    • You’re motivated, curious and dedicated.
    • You have an insane passion for eggs.

If you strongly believe you can be an Egghead, don’t hesitate:



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