Murasaki Baby Unveiled for PS Vita

Murasaki Baby Unveiled for PS Vita

GAMESCOM 2013, COLOGNE, GERMANY – 19-23 August 2013

Michael Denny, Senior Vice President, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe, announcing Ovosonico’s debut title Murasaki Baby at the PlayStation Gamescom 2013 Press Conference


The human touch: the brilliance of Murasaki Baby


Murasaki Baby features one of the most convincingly human characters that has fronted a game in some time.

Murasaki Baby is strange and wonderful


The world of Murasaki Baby looks like a sketchbook came to life.
It's just as striking and beautiful as it is strange.

We played Murasaki Baby while at Gamescom and it's an experience that sat with us since.


Murasaki Baby really stands out. More games should have hand holding.


Murasaki Baby is a very, very, very strange game by any conceivable standards you could throw at it.


Murasaki Baby is a disturbing indie treat. We couldn't take our hands off it!


This is Murasaki Baby, a newly-announced Vita game that looks absolutely fascinating.


The Eggheads

Ovosonico, the studio behind the intriguing and award-winning Murasaki Baby, is the games production company founded by industry veteran and former Grasshopper Manufacture Director Massimo Guarini. Considered one of the most promising studios within the Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe family, Ovosonico designs and develops original, unconventional and artistically crafted video games characterized by a strong sense of authorship.

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