Ovosonico Hints at First Project

Ovosonico Hints at First Project

“Shadows of the Damned” Director’s Studio Working on Something New and Emotionally Challenging

Milan, 22nd May, 2012 – Ovosonico is proud to announce we are starting preliminary work on our first title as an independent studio.

The project, currently in its very early prototype stage, will be written and directed by former Grasshopper Manufacture and “Shadows of the Damned” director Massimo Guarini.

All I can say is that I want to craft memorable experiences. There is so much more to be explored besides throw-away iPhone games and 40-hour long traditional productions.
I think the best way for us to achieve our vision is to provide a strong emotional kick, packaged in a movie-length time frame, and sold at a reasonable price.


In the current climate of change, Ovosonico is thrilled to be able to contribute to the growth of our industry with much needed new IPs and fresh, original ideas.

Although not much more can be disclosed at this stage, you can follow @ovosonico on twitter or become a fan on Facebook for further future announcements.

About Ovosonico

Ovosonico is the new games and music production company founded by industry veteran and former Grasshopper Manufacture Director Massimo Guarini.
Ovosonico designs and develops original, unconventional and artistically crafted Video Games with particular focus on emotional depth and characterized by a strong sense of authorship.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Massimo Guarini, please email press@ovosonico.com